About Us

World renowned child photographers, Regis and Kahran Bethencourt are a husband and wife duo and the imaginative forces behind CreativeSoul Photography.

The pair gained global recognition last year with their AfroArt series. The collection, which showcases the beauty and versatility of afro hair, was conceived as a way to empower kids of color around the world.

CreativeSoul Photography feels that it is so important for kids of color to be able to see positive images that look like them in the media.  Unfortunately the lack of diversity often plays into the stereotypes that they are not “good enough” and often forces kids to have low self-esteem. 

"We try to combat these stereotypes in our photography as well as everyday products by showing diverse imagery of kids who love the skin they’re in, their own natural curls and their culture.  We think that these stories are important to show in order to shatter the current standards of beauty. "